Who can possibly have a problem with summer? It’s the free time you paid for all year! For Cris and I, summer was literally as fun as we could make it. Sunny Los Angeles is a place filled with color and eclecticism and it is this vibrancy that inspired our “Summer Livin” Cool Guide! By staying local we got the opportunity to capture things around this funky town that not too many people pay attention to or notice. From nice cars to the dopest street art around,  everything served as  inspiration for the season. Of course, for us what also made it cool was doing something in which we were aware, conscious in the moment,  and surrounded by people we love.

Life is short but as long as we are able to do at least one significant thing with everyday that we’re given, in return we can create moments that live on forever.
Amazing moments were captured for this “Cool Guide.” We started with the great outdoors and ended up at a really cool bar here in the city! It was truly a day full of excitement. Yet even in soaking up the sunshine, we were working and strategizing ways to fulfill our ideas and curiosity. That’s the thing about being ahead of the curve: it gives you an opportunity to create what you have not seen and that’s what Heart of Cool  is all about. As the summer winds down, we celebrate all this season has given us and move forward into not only the next phase of innovation in fashion and beyond but also the next phase of life. Thank you, Summer, for everything. We cannot wait to see what Fall has in store…
– Cris&Tash

Photo: TriggerChrome (www.triggerchrome.com / IG triggerchrome)

Chargers: @chargedconcepts
Vintage Silk Shirt: @qloakla
Red Dress & Lime Dress: @shopmuehleder
Backpacks: @sprayground
Hats: Lack of Color
Floral Bikini: @qloakla
Tie dye: @ljaiamor
Neon pink dress: @ljaiamor
Tommy Hilfiger Bikini: @blushbyballen
Tan Vest: @bellenbrand
Harness: @jakimac
Black and white Jersey: @mstknsociety
Vintage Jerseys: @qloakla