Cool Guide Monochromatic

Well, the time has come and Cris and I could not be any more excited! The Cool Guide MONOCHROMATIC shoot took everything up a notch, hands down. We have had other shoots, but none of them were quite like this. Everything came together exactly the way we envisioned it; which as creatives, is nearly impossible to achieve with all the dynamics and people involved in pulling off a photo shoot.

containing or using only one color.
“monochromatic light”
(of light or other radiation) of a single wavelength or frequency.

We wanted to embark upon exploring and embodying the MONOCHROMATIC mood to show people it was Ok to be bold. And nothing less than our supreme best was the energy we channeled during the manifestation of this shoot; from the shot list to the featured products all the way down to the wardrobe that was chosen real time with the assistance of Stylist Goddess Miss Lisa Smith Craig (@lscstyling).

Here, at heART of Cool (HoC), we love fashion and everything about it, so we had to have the dopest stylist. Lisa Craig Smith, has been many of the top industries go to for over a decade. She came in with the wardrobe, the team and the plan! We came in and the clothes were laid out and ready to be selected upon arrival. We tried on pieces and began building looks. Our goal was to select the brands that had pieces that were cool and honed in on exactly who, Cristen and I were as individuals.

Lisa and her team were not only great at putting it all together, but were beautiful people with beautiful spirits. It was the most epic feeling because this is what we do this for. The crew was an all around great support. The creativity flowed onto the set so easily as you will see from the images. We had the pleasure of wearing brands like Europe base brand ZWALLOW your pride, alongside Dr. Martin.

What was most amazing to us, was that the energy we had put out was the exact same energy we were getting back from our creative team! The photographer, GIULIANO BEKOR, was full of intense focused energy, which Cristen and I thought was inspiring. He gave great direction and really understood what we wanted to achieve with the shoot.

In closing, we must say that this shoot was definitely one for the books. We had an outstanding time and grew to new heights. GROWTH, is always the goal!

We hope you beautiful people enjoy this season’s “COOL GUIDE”.

Wardrobe Details:-

Take your mouse at different places on the image for wardrobe details.
Tasha : Ziztar top & pants, Zenzii earrings, CC Skye cuff, House of Harlow bracelet, Happy Socks socks, Maison Margiela hat, Dr. Marten shoes

Cristen: ALC jacket, Bebe bralet, 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts, St. John necklace, Haus of Topper earrings, Laruicci ring, St. John ring, Mercura sunglasses, Roger Vivier shoes

Take your mouse at different places on the image for wardrobe details.
Tasha: Vintage vest, Love Leather bralet, Jose Duran pants, Blackbird Dillinger neckpiece, Margiela cuff, Laruicci bracelets, L gloves Iro shoes

Cristen: Leka NYC dress, D&G necklace, Michael Kors necklace, Vita Fede cuff, Cristen earrings & ring, Zoetik ring, Vita Fede ring, Blackbird Dillinger glove, Hue hosiery, Guiseppe Zanotti shoes

Take your mouse at different places on the image for wardrobe details.
Tasha: Georgine jacket, D&G shirt, Nu pants, 4SFinds necklace, Laruicci cuff, Tibi ring, Dr. Marten shoes

Cristen: Georgine jacket & pants, St. John necklace, Cristen necklaces, Laruicci earrings & bracelets, St. John ring, Camilla Skovgaard shoes

Stylist Team – Cappie Pondexter & LSC Styling for 4Season Style Management
Assistant Stylist – Ebony Hoffman

Signing Off!
Cris & Tash